Do What’s Best For The Clients


Written by Scott Eller CASL CEO

In February 1995, my then fiancé, now wife, and I visited Sarasota to look at a portfolio of facilities. Upon arriving, we toured the first two facilities, which were for senior citizens, then we went to what is now Renaissance Manor. While we were appalled by the condition of the place, something about it drew us to it. We knew this was our mission. I will never forget how concerned the people who called it home and their family members were. We soon put their fears to rest when they realized our intentions. Immediately we embarked on rehabilitating all three facilities. Over the next three years, we successfully got the facilities from just getting by to thriving. Our success was short-lived when we received notice in September of 1998 from one of the partners that they were selling the facilities. I knew the people who called Renaissance Manor their home could not go through this again. They deserved better.

I quickly negotiated with the partners to sell the other two facilities, and I would purchase Renaissance Manor. The partners recognized this was not just a business venture for me and that it would become my life’s mission. On December 31, 1998, at 4:00 pm, I purchased Renaissance Manor and converted the operation into a not-for-profit organization. My driving motivation was for the people we serve never to need to worry about not having a decent, safe, affordable place to call home. I wanted this not only to grow but to continue in perpetuity. What began with serving 38 people in 1999 in one county has grown into over 850 per day in eight counties. Soon we will serve 1,200 people daily in 10 counties totaling over 110 properties.

Every day, I make a point to think about CASL’s core values. The core values made CASL what it is today, and they will move us into the future. The core value that best describes CASL’s beginnings is “Do What’s Best For The Clients.” When we founded CASL, our mission was always to do what was best for our clients, even if it was hard. We put their needs ahead of our own. There’s no greater way to build a reputation and a foundation of trust than to do what’s right for others consistently.