Giving by the Numbers

CASL is a 501c3 non-profit corporation headquartered in Sarasota, FL, founded in 1998 by Scott and Heather Eller. A study by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy released in May 2021 quantified the cost savings at about $21,000 per year for each chronically mentally ill person with stable housing and support services, breaking the expensive cycle of emergency room visits, police interactions, and incarceration. Using the Morrison Institute numbers with the number of clients CASL serves today equates to over $8.8M annually. This is a clear instance where the humane and ethical thing to do also turns out to be the cost-effective thing to do.

Giving Options

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Your donation helps save lives through supportive housing. Reliable housing is the first step to transforming lives. When people have housing, they can change their lives, become self-sufficient, and be productive in their community. Your donation will not only help individuals but our communities as a whole.